Delaney's People

Don't Shoot Your Mule

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The sequel to "Delaney's People" is here!

"I flipped the little wire to pop the bottle open and held it next to my nose.

Then I cried. I let all my tears fill it up, back and forth between my eyes.

One tear at a time, I was able to catch enough to come to the very top.

I patted the rhinestone stopper into place and

wrapped the pink glass in toilet paper.

This is how I would keep the worst day of my life with me—in a

tiny, secret bottle."                                   

          - Delaney Robinson, "Don't Shoot Your Mule"

This highly anticipated sequel to "Delaney's People" takes readers

on a turbulent, surprise-filled journey from Depression Era rural

Alabama through 2011's devastating tornadoes and their impact

on Delaney's family and friends. Family ties, love, loss, betrayal

and a characteristic dead mule combine in a perfect book

for devotees of Southern literature.

"Don't miss this wonderful read. I loved it."

-Haywood Smith, NY Times and USA Today best selling author of The Red Hat Club, Ladies of the Lake, and Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch


Don't Shoot Your Mule is available online here:







Photo: "Radar"
Courtesy of Donna & Paul Kadle