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"What a movie this would make! Romance, deception, revenge, love, trauma, wrenching of heart and all in the first 40 pages! This second account of the people in the life of Delaney will reach into your heart and grab it and will not let go until the last page! This is one of those books that when you finish you say, "Ah, more, I want more!". I dare say that any southerner would find a piece of themselves in these pages. Beth Duke is a gifted creator of character and moment. You love her people, you want to have a word with some of them, and you rejoice when they get something they deserve! ahem! I have known Beth Duke all of her life. Her wit and charm are woven throughout this volume. Buy this one and the original, Delaney's People! Great READS!"

"I knew when I purchased "Don't Shoot Your Mule" (DSYM) that Beth Duke was "red hot" at the conclusion of Delaney's People and would in all probability produce another power-packed book with an economy of words within a flood of emotions more often seen in poetry or the masterworks of the days before word processing than generally available today. What I did not expect was that her writing would be every bit as captivating as when she was "that great new find" from North Alabama. As indicated by others who reviewed DSYM, I feel a kinship to these people who are great, flawed individuals and though I loved the feeling of relating to her characters and their predicaments, I never once felt that she was plowing old ground. Thank you, Beth, for letting the world see again that you are a delightful proof that solid, Southern literature remains with us and is as vibrant as ever."

"The Old and New South collide in Beth Duke's latest book, "Don't Shoot Your Mule", sometimes with disastrous results, not counting the poor mule. The delicate balance between family and the frailty of human affection is shaken to the core, and change comes with the heartbreaking speed of a killer tornado. Love and loss are dealt in equal measure, and some folks have to make up their minds what's really important to them. Throw in a jilted lover, threats of blackmail, and one mad momma, and you've got a tale worthy of repeating down at the local beauty parlor. On one hand, "Don't Shoot Your Mule" is a warning against rash behavior; on the other hand, it's also about letting go of things that hold us back from something better. In which case, sometimes you just have to "shoot your mule."

"I just finished reading Don't Shoot Your Mule by Beth Duke. It is brillantly written. I had chills when I read the last chapter (as I did when I read the first chaper), an effect you get if you have read Delaney's People first.
It is one of those books you don't want to end, you want to see what happens next. I got very attached to the characters. Beth so easily brought them to life for me. I would love to see Don't Shoot Your Mule on the Best Sellers list.
I hope there will be many more novels to come.
Thank you Beth Duke for a great read."

"I picked up "Don't Shoot Your Mule" by Beth Duke with a great deal of anticipation. I was not disappointed in the least. I began with a tear, then moved quickly to the smiles of childhood. Soon, I was thinking "you better watch your step fella" followed by "you better watch your step girl". While "Don't Shoot Your Mule" wanders through every emotion imaginable, it never loses touch of the love and challenges of a very close knit group of people that you can only find in small town America. There are happy endings as well as endings that make you happy. But something tells me this is only the beginning..."

"I re-read "Delaney's People" in preparation for this sequel. I loved it, but "Don't Shoot Your Mule" is even better! I would recommend it to ANY fiction lover, male or female. It's a page-turner I could not put down until finished. Characters like Delaney, her family and friends are so comfortable and familiar, and the author conjures up vivid scenes and plot twists to keep the reader interested. I especially loved the backstory on the title mule--it is a classic!"

"Don't Shoot Your Mule", the second book by Beth Duke, is a delectable treat to be savored! The wonderful Delaney of "Delaney's People" is growing up and has stories of her own to share. Beth brings the human side of the Alabama tornadoes to her readers with her touching stories of loss, love and redemption. She also upholds the very southern tradition of the devious, scheming harridan we readers love to hate. I only wish Amazon would give more than 5 stars for reviews as this book earned more. Usually things this good are illegal or very high in calories!"

"What a great read! I had to put it down for an hour because I didn't want it to end!
Beth Duke has a way of writing that makes the reader feel like they know the characters personally. I was there, I was living in her book.
This is one of those "hangover" books... you know when you read something you really enjoy and it's hard to get into the next book you pick up."

"After reading Delaney's People by Beth Duke, I could not wait to read this sequel. I was not disappointed! Beth's writing is both intense and light hearted at the same time...the characters are real and relatable...making this one of those "can't put it down until you finish" books. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Wow!! Such a great book! With just a few breaks in between, I read the entire book in less than 5 hours today. I was so caught up in the characters, I wanted to see what would happen next. I did not want to put it down. I loved Delaney' s People and do not know what took me so long to purchase Don't Shoot Your Mule. I anxiously await Beth Duke's next book!

"This is my second book by Beth Duke and I loved it as much as her first book Delaney's People!

I love the concept of a novel in short story form, a perfect book to pick up if reading time is limited.

The southern characters all touched my heart since I have lived in Alabama a majority of my married life.

I can't wait to read her next book."

"This is a smart fun read. Great for getting your mind away from your worries! Great book for sitting by the pool, on the beach or on the plane."


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